Glocalme Simbox Review

If you want to use multi-SIM cards for different scenarios, consider getting Glocalme Simbox.

Glocalme Simbox Review

Meet Glocalme Simbox


Battery:No built-in battery
SIM sIot :4
Micro USB : 1

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If you want to use multi-SIM cards for different scenarios, consider getting Glocalme Simbox. Be it for private, work, temporary number, special usage such as register multiple accounts or frequent traveling, cost-saving including cheaper internet or just for protection, this device can sort you out. This wireless internet device allows you to connect to the internet easily and effectively as you travel.

It can hold multiple SIM cards with just one phone including five-SIM three-standby for iPhone users or four-SIM dual-standby for SIMBOX. Users can freely switch between SIM cards.

It supports 2G, 3G, and 4G network speed and allows for global roaming, thus you can always stay in touch even when you are abroad.

It can work nearly anywhere, and because it is pocket-sized, you can carry easily carry it around even if you have limited space.

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Glocalme simbox Working Principle

This device works in a very simple way. Just put the SIM card in the SIM bank and it will connect to the internet. Glocalme call app will then install on the mobile phone, and bound to the SIM bank. Regardless of where your phone is located, provided it has a good network, then the APP can control remotely the SIM box through the network, and manage the messages and calls, just like you would use a security app to control the camera at your home.

The VOIP voice transmission is facilitated between the SIM bank and the APP, the SIM in the gadget connects to the local base station.

Why you need Glocalme Simbox for multi-card management

The moment you get this wireless device, you will be impressed. Its hi-tech nature allows you to use a touchscreen travel internet hotspot and call and messaging platform. You don’t need to rely on other applications to see the amount of data you are remaining while you are on the road or even how much battery life is left. With this SIM bank, all this information is on the palm of your hands in the form of the 5-inch touchscreen device.

Its touchscreen design ensures you have an easy time adding more data and it also features Google Maps as well as TripAdvisor to help with your road trip.

The best part is that it comes loaded with free 8 GB Local Data along with 1 GB Global Data and you can add more at any time you want from within the device’s intuitive touchscreen. And with its 3900 mAh battery, you can walk around a foreign land knowing that you have a battery that will last you 18 hours until the next charge.

If you are still not sure what this device can do for you, here are some of the benefits of having a SIM bank that can allow you to manage different SIM cards from one phone.

  • Changes your mobile handset into a multi-card, multi-standby one for added convenience

Your phone, whether it is iPhone or Android can easily be able to realize multi-card multi-standby function via SIM BOX Five-card three-standby and SIMBOX four-card dual-standby, allowing you to switch between SIM cards at will.

  • No roaming charge for any international call

Have you ever wished to make and or receive phone calls as well as send and or receive messages from all over the world and be charged based on your local tariff? This SIM bank is the answer to that question because once you have it, you can forget all about roaming charges and enjoy international calls

  • Placed at home

Glocalme simbox is placed at home and thus not taken; therefore you avoid the loss of multiple mobile phones.

  • Supports 4G

In addition to supporting 4G network, Glocalme SIM bank can also accommodate all kinds of other networks including 2G and 3G as well as works with SIM cards of Telecom, China Mobile, and Unicom.

  • Clear and stable communication without any delay

SIM banks are known for having multiple domestic and international patents with exclusively optimized cloud encryption solutions to make sure of clear, stable, and non-delayed quality of communication via national certification.

  • One key synchronization an exclusive address book SIM cards

This SIM bank allows for one key synchronization of the address book that enables importation of contacts of different SIM cards with each SIM card having an exclusive address book.

  • Compatible with both iOS and Android

The operating system of this device has full compatibility. Glocalme simbox perfectly fits Android and iOS, meaning you can use it with the majority of mainstream smartphones on the market. It is fully compatible with Android 5.0 and above and iOS 9.0 and above.

  • Plug and play

This device is extremely easy to use and operate. Just download Glocalme and use your mobile phone number to register and log in. Scan the QR code in APP in order to bind the SIM bank and then insert your SIM card into the SIM bank and begin to use the device.

  • High privacy protection

TLS encryption is normally employed in the entire communication process to achieve telecommunication-level security without having to worry about cases of privacy disclosure. This simbox features SIM card special-purpose as well as supporting the establishment of a blacklist feature that is capable of anti-fraud and anti-harassment.

Other reasons include:  

  • Easy and intuitive to operate because it features a mobile phone interface
  • Simple and fashionable and comes in two colors – shadow black and bright moon-white.
  • Off-line information management

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Unique benefits of Simbox

  1. Two users can use one SIM bank. Once the main account is linked to the SIM bank, it can share the SIM card in the box to other accounts, meaning two accounts can control two SIM cards in the device separately, independent of each other.
  2. Once APP can link multiple SIM banks so that one phone can manage more than one SIM card and each Simbox can accommodate two SIM cards online at a go. This means that if you have 10 pieces of SIM banks, you will have 20 SIM cards online simultaneously and so on.
  3. Hard-working SIM card because SIM that is bind to SIM banks tend to get through books easier and quickly compared to the standard SIM. Additionally, your SIM will clean extremely quickly, and it can be virtual.
  4. Messages and voice calls can be transmitted through the internet to the device on your mobile phone.
  5. No roaming fee in the event that you travel to another country, thus you can receive and make domestic calls and messages at any time of the day free of charge so that you don’t miss any important news or information.
  6. It is far more secure and stable compared to other devices that use Bluetooth and users can use the internet to transfer messages and voice calls easily to the SIM bank on their phone.
  7. It is small and easy to use as well as carry around and store.
  8. High network speed since it supports 2G, 3G, and 4G network speed.
  9. Extremely reliable with no delay since the SIM bank uses exclusive encryption technology and owns various domestic and international patents to guarantee clear and stable connection quality.
  10. Always online 24/7 meaning you will not miss a call or message because the network keeps your SIM card forever online.

But perhaps one of the most important reasons you need to upgrade to Glocalme simbox is because the current multi-card management solutions have failed.

If it is multiple mobile phones, it is:

  • High cost
  • Charging is extremely difficult
  • Inconvenient to carry around

What about a dual-card mobile phone? Well, it also has its own defects including:

  • iPhone is not readily available
  • easy to make costly mistakes
  • accommodates at most two SIM cards

There is also another solution called Apple peel, which is not perfect because of:

  • charging difficult
  • performance is extremely unstable
  • the hand feeling is terrible and uncomfortable

Last but not least, you can decide to replace the SIM card. But is not that simple because:

  • the 2 SIM cards cannot be standby simultaneously
  • it is extremely difficult to change the SIM card
  • the SIM cards are susceptible to theft and lost

Glocalme app

As I have mentioned somewhere in this article, you can find the Glocalme app in Play Store or App Store. The app allows you to add data, see battery life, and monitor data usage and it can be very useful for Glocalme U3 users who don’t enjoy the luxury of a touchscreen.