How to reuse old smartphone

In case you are looking for how to reuse an old smartphone, here are some of the most common and not so common ways to repurpose your old handset. So, let's get started with how to reuse old smartphones.

How to reuse old smartphone
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For most people, once their smartphone become old or a new model is released, the old one goes straight to the bin or gift it some. While it is not bad to give away your old phone, throwing it in a landfill is bad for the environment. The thing is, your old smartphone is simply a small computer with software and hardware that is valuable and serviceable. Even if the phone has already lost its entire cell signal, it is still capable of connecting to open and available wireless connections as well as allow other applications to function just fine.

You can dispatch your old smartphone by selling it, trading it, or taking it to your local recycling center. But did you know you can still get the most out of your old phone by putting it to other uses? In case you are looking for how to reuse an old smartphone, here are some of the most common and not so common ways to repurpose your old handset.

So, let's get started with how to reuse old smartphones.

1. Turn it into a security camera

One way you can use an old smartphone that is no longer in use is by turning it transforming it into a security camera for your home.

Simply download your favorite security camera from Play Store or App Store on your old and new phone and then mount the old one where you need it, ensuring the device is close to a power outlet.

2. Create a gaming system

How to reuse old smartphone the fun way? Turn it into a gaming system. Luckily, there are plenty of mobile game options for both Android and iPhone and the only thing you will need is a wireless connection to download the game or transfer it from another device.

If you have an old smartphone in your house, transform it into a dedicated gaming system to keep you busy when you have some time to spare.

3. Create a wireless webcam

Are you thinking of getting a webcam? Our next entry on our how to reuse old smartphone list is turning your old gadget into a wireless webcam that you can use on your laptop or desktop computer.

But you will need to download third-party software such as EpocCam or DroidCam to turn your old gadget into a wireless webcam.

4. Use it as a video chat tool

If you are wondering how to reuse your old smartphone to communicate, here is how – turn it into a video chat gadget.

This can be helpful if you like communication via FaceTime, Zoom, Skype, or other video communicating platforms.

But you will also need an internet connection to be able to reuse your old smartphone this way.

5. Use it as an alarm clock

Well, are you looking for how to reuse old smartphone in a more productive way? How about using it as an alarm clock? Simply download an alarm clock application using wireless internet, position your smartphone vertically in a secure place and connect it to power.

If you like hitting snooze once your alarm goes off the first time, make sure you place your device in a place where you can easily grab it.

6. E-book reader

For those who enjoy a good read, you will find this tip extremely useful. If you have an old mobile phone lying around in your house, and thinking of how to reuse old smartphone, you can turn it into an e-reader.

Download your favorite ebook reader such as Amazon Kindle, and sync up your free e-books, purchases, as well as titles from the library, or even buy digital comics from Marvel, Comixology, or DC and enjoy a quiet night read.

7. Crank up some music

Alternatively, you can use your old phone as your music library. An old mobile device can still help you listen to music, digital books, and podcasts via the streaming service of your choice.

Just set the phone up on a charging position and hook it up to a Bluetooth speaker and enjoy some nice music while doing some household chores.

8. Create a piggy bank or wallet

You can recycle your old smartphone at home and turn it into a piggy bank or a wallet. Most of the tips shared on this list so far require a functional old smartphone. But what if you have a busted clamshell smartphone? Well, just turn it into a cool wallet.

This is how to reuse your smartphone in a very creative way because it will require using your hands to take the old phone apart, remove the gadgetry inside and remain only with the case.

9. Build a common remote control

Whether it is an Android or iOS device, you can turn your old smartphone into a universal TV remote control and be able to use it on almost any electronic device in your home.

But you must first check if your old phone has IR (infrared) blaster that will allow you to sync it to your smart home gadgets including air conditioning, TV, as well as most devices that use remote control.

Note that iPhones usually don't have an integrated IR blaster, so you probably won’t be able to turn one into a remote control. But you can always add infrared connectivity using a third-party tool or purchase the Logitech Harmony Hub that functions as an infrared blaster for all your electronic devices.

But if your Android has IR, just download a remote app of your liking and you are good to go.

10. Hook it up in your car

Instead of spending exorbitant amounts of money for a new stereo with all accessories and internet radio, just get Bluetooth speakers and play all kinds of music in your car using an old phone permanently fixed in the vehicle.

Just get a car phone holder and a double-port car charger, the mount the old smartphone permanently.

This way you don't have to waste money on regular phone updates, battery, or data on GPS features.