Remote Controlled Flying Shark Toy Air swimming fish

This air swimming fish swims above the air surface and can go forward, backward, right, and left and you there is also an option to change speed according to your liking.

Remote Controlled Flying Shark Toy Air swimming fish
Image Credit: Aliexpress

Aside from a remote-control car, a remote-control shark is the next coolest thing you can have. The Flying Shark Toy or Clownfish delivers an unbelievable lifelike movement that enables your kid to recreate the feel and look of a shark patrolling in the deep ocean. This air swimming fish swims above the air surface and can go forward, backward, right, and left and you there is also an option to change speed according to your liking.

Air swimming fish are similar to blimps on steroids. They are massively large helium balloons with remote-controlled tail fins that enable you to propel them through the air like they are swimming in the deep sea.

Most air swimming fish are made of extremely durable nylon that allows them to stay afloat for weeks. The one-way valve lets you fill, empty, and refill easily.

They are easy to operate for young kids from 8 years and above thanks to the simple infra-red remote control that is equipped with only two buttons for climb/dive and left. You can find air swimmers in two styles – Great White Shark and Clownfish.

The material used in making air swimming fish is more durable and scratch-resistant, meaning your kid can play with the toy for many years.

We have heard many complaints from users being unable to make their remote-controlled flying shark leave the ground. The most common problem is that the helium used to fill the balloon is mixed with air, which might be ok for a normal balloon, but not enough for air swimming fish due to their heavier mass.

Most air swimming fish are sold with separately with batteries, so make sure you remember this when shopping for your child’s toy. Normally, you will need four batteries in the air remote-controlled flying shark and three in the IR remote.

So I would suggest you buy at least four spare AA or AAA batteries since air swimming fish is known for eating the energy faster compared to remote.

The trickiest part about remote controlled flying shark toys is assembling. You will need time and probably a neat-handed pal because assembling this toy is not a walk in the park.

Best Air Swimming fish for kids

(Image Credit: Aliexpress)

Flying Shark & Clownfish


Maximum speed: 10-20kmph

Shape: Shark/Clownfish

Colors: Blue, Orange

Power Source: Electric

Recommended Age: 12+ years

Controller: Infra-red

State of Assembly: Almost Ready

Remote Functions: Climb, descend, and tail fin control

Charging voltage: 3 x 1.5V AAA battery (bought separately)

Reasons to Buy

  • Lifelike experience
  • Saves power
  • Easy to assemble
  • Come almost ready to use

Reasons to Avoid

  • Too heavy for young kids
  • Uses a lot of energy

The Remote Control Flying Shark Air Swimming Fish RC from Lyshare is our top and only pick for balloon clownfish for kids. It can fly through the room as it imitates the movement of real undersea sharks by driving themselves with lifelike fins.

With remote control, you can navigate this air dweller, moving in different directions as they dodge obstacles including staircases.

(Image Credit: Aliexpress)

It is ideal for indoors as well as home parties and can also make an incredible gift.

Air swimming fish are filled with helium gas, which you can easily refill at any flower shop, car wash shops, and 4S shops. For logistic reasons, this toy does not come containing helium.

Once you receive the package, just assemble the giant shark and then fill it in the safe inactive gas that is lighter than normal air to make this giant fish float.

Comprising three layers of top-of-the-line nylon material, this flying shark is resistant to air leakage and explosion.

The infrared remote control allows you to make the balloon fish g up, go down, and move the tail to turn right or left. Its remote is so powerful that you can manipulate the fish from 8 to 15 meters away.

When it comes to assembling, cooperate with your family or friends to DIY this jumbo shark and make it swim easily in no time.

Just like most air swimming fish, this clownfish is made of industry-grade material. The double-layered shark fin is made of plastic, making it compact and durable. The sealed air vent is safe and convenient, but the whole toy is designed with thick explosion-proof aluminum foil air.

What makes this clownfish balloon ideal for parties is the creative decoration. It is ideal for parties, weddings, game and play, birthdays, and so much more.

If you are wondering what to give your child for their birthday, air swimmers are a great idea.

The accessories

Open the package to find pieces that you need to assemble. You can watch a YouTube video to get an idea of how to install it here.

The package comes with:

  • One clownfish balloon
  • Two underbelly fins
  • One tailfin
  • One dorsal fin
  • One remote control
  • One pod track
  • One ribbon
  • One putty
  • Four fastening clips
  • Four rubber clips
  • Instructions

If you follow the instructions as well as watch the video tutorial, assembling this jumbo shark is just a breeze!

Filling your air swimming fish

Before you effectively fly your air swimming fish, try to read the instructions provided by the manufacturer to get a clear direction on how to fill the big shark. This can easily be done at florist, any party shop, or gas station, but make sure you call in advance before visiting.

You can purchase Helium tank so that you can fill your air swimming fish at home.

In order to fill your balloon fish, lay it down on a flat surface with its valve pointing at you. Tie the ribbon to the tag on the shark to prevent it from floating away when you start to fill the clownfish with Helium.

Open the valve and insert the tap of the gas (helium) tank into the balloon and release the gas gradually to allow the remote controlled flying shark to slowly inflate.

Make sure you read the instructions provided by the manufacturer before filling the air swimming fish with helium.

When your balloon shark is full and feels firm to the touch, remove the nozzle of gas tank and the valve will automatically seal itself.